GuardCard RFID & NFC Blocking Card

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GuardCard fits perfectly in your wallet to fully protect your credit card information from being stolen.

Identity theft is happening all around us. Electromagnetic Jamming Technology has become so advanced that thieves can quickly scan your purse or pockets and gain immediate access to your bank account without any physical contact.

GuardCard is aptly designed to safeguard your wallet with everlasting full time coverage.  A solid layer of embedded carbon fiber discourages skimmer electromagnetic waves from scanning your credit cards and stealing your most valuable information. Slide GuardCard on top of the card stack in your wallet, and that’s it!  You are fully protected no matter where you go.

  • Lightweight and thin: GuardCard looks and feels just like any other credit card in your wallet.
  • Carbon fiber strip is powerful enough to block RFID scanning signals up to 13.56 MHz from stealing your information.
  • NO batteries and NO charging devices are required.
  • For optimal protection slide one GuardCard on top of your credit card stack and another GuardCard underneath.
  • Works to protect credit cards, passports and other forms of identification.