Identity Theft Protection Stamp

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One quick swipe with this specialized anti-theft stamp protects confidential information on your mail, bills and other important documents.

Thieves will go to extreme lengths to get your personal information, even rummaging through trash cans to find a piece of junk mail with your address on it. Traditional paper shredders are big, bulky and create a ton of mess. Instead, there’s now a new and improved product that saves space, time and is 100% reliable.

The Theft Protection Roller Stamp utilizes a specially formulated dark ink pattern that completely hides social security numbers, ID numbers, account numbers and more. The pre-filled ink mount eliminates the need for a separate ink pad and it’s easy to refill when the ink runs out. Just roll it over your information to make it unreadable to anyone, especially tricky thieves!

  • Uses a high grade dark ink that dries quickly & doesn’t smudge
  • The 1.5” wide roller enables you to cover a large area at once
  • The entire ink roll reaches 100 meters & can be refilled multiple times
  • Faster & easier to use than a paper shredder, so you can be more productive
  • Small & portable: Fits easily into desk drawers, purses, brief cases and cabinets.