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Guard Card is the premier RFID blocking card designed to keep virtual pickpockets from fingering your credit card information without having to actually lift a finger. With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever for a thief to purchase a skimmer machine and use it to scan your wallet in seconds, even if it’s “safe” in your pocket. Guard Card is dedicated to fighting identity fraud with cutting edge products that are always one step ahead of the bad guys.

We Put Safety First

When Guard Card CEO, Albert Shaumaker, logged into his bank account, he was shocked to find that multiple charges had been made, resulting in the loss of hundreds of dollars. He couldn’t figure out how fraudsters had gotten his information, until weeks later, when it was discovered that he had been the victim of illegal skimming. The harrowing experience inspired Albert to found Guard Card, so no one would have to deal with the trauma of having their personal information compromised ever again.

Our Dedication To Innovative Security

Thieves are clever, but at Guard Card we beat them at their own game. You don’t have to rely on your bank (or wrapping your wallet in tin foil) to protect your credit cards. Our team is made up of passionate individuals and industry experts who design security products that are easy, affordable and effective against thieves.

Meet The Guard Card Team

Albert Shaumaker


After Albert experienced the trauma of having his wallet skimmed, he was blown away by how easy it is to get someone’s credit card details, or even make a purchase, all without touching a wallet. Albert founded Guard Card to offer an easy security alternative that anyone can use, as well as raise awareness about the advanced ways in which cyber thieves are stealing information.

John Cline

Security Engineer/Co-founder

When Albert Shaumaker shared his vision for Guard Card with John, he was immediately interested, because he knew the market for RFID blocking products was lacking. John brings over 25 years of cyber security expertise to the table, designing technology aimed at fighting cybertheft. His devotion and creativity play an essential role in the company, ensuring all of the products are effective and up-to-date.

Beth Anderson

Creative Director

Guard Card isn’t just about high grade security products for everyday use, it’s about raising awareness about cyber theft. Beth leads the Guard Card marketing team with finesse, not only by promoting products, but by establishing Guard Card as a trusted source for expert information on preventing and dealing with RFID identity theft.

Brick James

Customer Support

Brick is more than just a smiley ‘it’s my pleasure’ kind of guy. He knows his stuff. When a customer has a question about RFID technology or even if someone has recently been a victim of fraud and needs advice, Brick always takes his time to listen to our customers and helps them in any way he can.