GuardCar RFID Blocking Pouch

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This RFID blocking pouch boosts the security of your keyless entry car by shielding scanning signals from disabling your key fob.

Car theft is on the rise, as thieves are taking advantage of skimmer technology to amplify key fobs and gain easy entry to RFID keyless vehicles and any valuables inside. The scariest part is that you won’t even know if your car is under attack. Thieves can unlock your car as soon as you walk away, and they don’t need physical contact to make it happen.

Our Car Key Signal Blocker Pouch is manufactured with high tech Nanometer material that is proven to be 100% effective against unwanted signals. The thick leather is stylish and lightweight, securing your key fob in one safe place. Just slide your key inside and seal the velcro closure. You’ll feel relieved knowing where your key is at all times, fully protected from RFID scammers.

  • Small size can clip onto a belt loop or fit inside a pocket
  • Durable & sleek: double layer of protective lining for ultimate coverage
  • Works with 99% of car brands/remote key fobs
  • Protects against: RFID / GPS / Bluetooth / WIFI 
  • Easy to clean with a tissue or towel.