RFID Passport Sleeve

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Enjoy peace of mind on your travels with the essential RFID & NFC blocking sleeve that protects your passport information from being stolen.

Whether you travel frequently for business or have a big backpacking trip coming up, your passport is your lifeline. Unfortunately, cyber thieves are always on the lookout for their chance to steal your valuable info. With skimmer technology, it’s easier than ever for them to do so, without having any physical contact.

The RFID Passport Sleeve is the latest innovative security product that is 100% effective against skimmers, fully shielding your passport using Electromagnetic Jamming Technology. It’s super easy to use, with no assembly required. Just slide your passport into the sleeve, and you’re ready to jet set with one less thing to worry about.

  • Made with high quality material that is water & tear resistant
  • Lightweight & thin: Convenient for travel, doesn’t take up much space in your bag
  • Effectively blocks RFID scanning signals up to 13.56 MHz from stealing your information
  • User friendly for everyone
  • No charging or batteries needed: 24/7 lifetime guarantee