RFID Card & Identity Protection

Identity Theft Can Happen In The Blink Of An Eye

Even if your credit cards are tucked into your wallet and kept close inside a bag or pocket, all it takes is a split second for a thief with a RFID scanner to simply walk next to you, initiate a scan with no physical touch and gain immediate access to your most private information. The GuardCard is the premier RFID & NFC Blocking Card that fits conveniently in your wallet, creating an unbreachable barrier that protects your identity and lets you enjoy peace of mind.

Customer Testimonials

My girlfriend went through a tough time when she was targeted by a skimmer. It prompted me to do some research, and I came across the GuardCard. Glad I went for it! Her anxiety is gone knowing her wallet is well-protected.”

August Stephens

“Honestly, the idea of just sliding a thin card into a wallet to protect my info wasn’t very convincing, but for the price I figured GuardCard was worth a shot. My friend uses a skimmer for payment at his shop, so we put the GuardCard to the test. It could not breach the card no matter what! Truly an amazing piece of technology.”

Francine Trells

I travel a lot for business, so I’m always carrying my passport and credit cards. I worry enough that I have all of my documents together with me, but to add a layer of protection against having that information stolen is a huge plus. I definitely have less stress with the GuardCard in my wallet.

Tobias Stroll

1 Step Is All It Takes

Forget complicated security methods and leaving your cards at home. With the GuardCard, 1 simple step is all it takes to protect your entire wallet from skimmers. Just place it on top of all credit or debit cards. Add another GuardCard at the bottom of the stack for extra coverage, and you’re ready to go!

Your Personal Security Guard

GuardCard is so easy to use, you’ll soon forget it’s even in your wallet, working behind the scenes 24/7. While you’re going about your daily life, the precision of Electromagnetic Jamming Technology is blocking RFID scanning signals up to 13.56 MHz from stealing your information.

Our Promise

The GuardCard is the most reliable and user friendly theft prevention technology on the market. We are confident that you will be happy with your purchase, but if you do have any concerns or questions, our representatives are available to ensure you receive exceptional customer service, 100% guaranteed.